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Direct marketing enables businesses and non-profit companies to communicate directly with customers, members and prospects. Some customers favor an integrated approach using techniques like direct mail postcards, packages, catalogs, promotional letters, email, surveys, research, interactive consumer websites, online banner ads, fliers, posters, vehicle wraps, large graphics, targeted television infomercials, response-generating newspaper/magazine advertisements and outdoor advertising.

PMA provides a wide range of marketing support services and seamless processes for executing tests that deliver measurable results. Call us today and find out how we can help you!


PMA Direct Marketing is an agency with significant experience in creating, developing, testing and managing measurable marketing programs. Our purpose is to provide a seamless stream of marketing services that support a wide-range of database driven marketing projects. We can help you test ideas, research options, collect information and support your customer / member acquisition, retention and reactivation initiatives.

PMA Direct Marketing Delivers Results!
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