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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can PMA create telemarketing call sheets?

A: YES, we do.  We can process your list or a purchased list through phone number verification and appending databases.  Then create functional call sheets for your telemarketing staff to use when placing calls.  PMA can customize these call sheets to your specifications.  We can include the original phone number, new phone number and tell you if it was verified or not.  We can sort the higher priority names and numbers to the top of the stack so these are the first people your telemarketers call.

Q: Does PMA offer consulting services?

A: YES, we do.  We offer FREE consulting to our clients. If you are a new client we charge a $100 consulting fee which will be credited towards the first mailing you complete with us. We encourage our clients to use us as a resource during your planning and budgeting phases.  We can help you review your past direct mail campaigns and suggest ways to save money or increase your response rates.

Q: Why do reply envelopes need barcodes on them if my company isn't paying for the return postage?

A: The USPS requires courtesy barcodes on reply envelopes if the mailing that contained the reply was mailed automation.  You can read about the rule in the Direct Mail Manual.  This is basically for the convenience of the USPS.  The USPS has been known to open pieces of bulk mail and check.  PMA can help you set this up if needed.  Here is an example.

Q: Does PMA have a disaster recovery plan?

A: Yes, we are prepared for a natural disaster. We are concerned about the safety of our employees and the need to meet our clients demands. Click here to view an overview of our plan.

Q: What is a PAF?

A: NCOALink Processing Acknowledgment Form (PAF)
Due to the Privacy Act or 1974, the USPS® is required by law, to collect the information on the Processing Acknowledgment Form. When information provided through the NCOALink Service is released, the USPS must maintain records of all to whom the information was disclosed. This form is required so PMA can run your mail file through the NCOA database (National Change of Address) and comply with the USPS regulations for bulk mail.

Q: Can PMA help with design and layout of our direct mail campaign?

A: YES we can.  We can work directly with your designers or we can recommend a designer that will fit your style and budget. It is a good idea to sit down with PMA before the designer goes to work to insure that your piece will meet the USPS guidelines.

Q: Can PMA handle my direct mail project from start to finish?

A: YES, PMA can be your one contact for all things printing and mailing.  PMA is experienced and knowledgable in all aspects of printing, mailing and fulfillment. 

Q: Can PMA help me set up my own permit with the USPS?

A: YES, we can assist you in obtaining the correct paperwork and walk you through the process of obtaining your own permit.  Sometimes it is beneficial to have multiple permits depending on your mailing trends. PMA can discuss your options with you and make recommendations that will save you money.

Q: Can I mail as a non profit under PMA's permit?

A: YES, your non profit must have USPS approval as a non profit first.  Your piece must conform to the non profit postal standards and PMA must obtain a ghost number from the USPS for your organization (free of charge).
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